Business Development Consulting Firm

Doing business the "Bushidō" way means doing business with integrity. We help small - medium enterprises to achieve organizational and market growth

Bushidō (武士道) is a Japanese code of conduct, the Samurai's way of life


Bushidō is a consultancy firm and professional network supporting companies and small – medium sized enterprises, wishing to achieve business growth through market expansion strategies and needing experienced management and representation.

We work closely with our Clients, helping them in the development of their operational initiatives.

Our target is their competitiveness, the improvement of the internal efficiency and of the effectiveness in the market.

Bushidō is based in Turin, founded in 2010 by Maurizio Agostini, capitalizing on his experience and that of his Partners, acquired at international level over 30 years spent in the automotive and industrial sectors, covering responsibilities over the following companies’ functions:
General Management, Product Development, Product and Process Engineering, Program and Project Management, Quality, Manufacturing, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Key Account and Retail Sales, Dealers Network Development and Product Support.
We believe ethical business can evolve in ethical excellence, the principles of which find application either in business or private life.

Business development in an ethical, competitive, sustainable and profitable way.

Where we can be of support:


New markets entrance strategy definition, development and management of Key Accounts. Support in all negotiation phases with customers.


Innovative projects management consulting, market study and research, business development and market entrance strategy definition.

Alternative Energy

New projects feasibility study and analysis. Project management training and coaching, support in the initiatives’ start up phase.

Industrial Machinery

New markets business development, competitors analysis and research of new customers, implementation of innovative technologies.

Industrial Processing

Optimization and continuous improvement of operational performances and of release and delivery processes of products and services.

Food & Beverage

Development of new initiatives related to the launch of new products, feasibility study, project management and implementation.

Consumer & Retail

Consulting and Coaching, areas of improvement identification, operational efficiency increase, revenue development and profit optimization.

Restaurants & Catering

Quality System development and implementation, review of internal processes, efficiency and effectiveness improvement and optimization.

Throughout our professional careers we covered managerial positions within the organization of leading automotive corporations such as:

We place significant emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises representing the economic backbone of many countries.

They are committed to maintain their competitiveness in a continuously changing market environment.

A wide range of business solutions:

  • Market analysis, selection and entry strategy
  • Lead generation and business partners search
  • Project Management
  • New product and services initiatives development
  • Training and coaching
  • Operational processes review and improvement
  • Sales&Marketing and Key Account Management initiatives

Bushidō Consulting is based in Turin – Italy, but a dynamic team of industry professionals, boasting a wealth of local knowledge, also operates in Modena, München, Baden-Baden, Bruxelles, Prague, Detroit and Campinas (Sao Paulo).

Great importance is given to the development of managerial competences, by corporations and small – medium sized enterprises.

Good connections are a key factor in order to adapt to rapidly changing conditions easily, Bushidō Consulting has extensive contacts and establishes cooperation agreements within a network of international business development consultancy firms.

International partnerships are established with:

Aim of all our partnerships is the combination of complementary strengths and assets, to further expand the offer of consultancy support and customer coverage.

The last business partnership in order of time has been set up in July 2023 with Parry&Associati and Pierpaolo Valetto, based in Italy (Monza and Turin) and respectively specialists in Sustainability – Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy.

This partnership allows to merge strategic competences and to ideally support small medium enterprises, satisfying their main needs and necessities within tailored paths to growth and development.

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