What we do

Bushidō can provide comprehensive support to Small – Medium Enterprises, available by intervening from the enterprise’s start up stage, to continue with the organization and processes development, up to the implementation of detailed marketing and commercial deployment strategies, also by internationalization initiatives.

Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and capabilities, we can identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help our Clients within the international marketplace.

We firmly believe in the importance of a well balanced and weighted mix of people, new technologies and innovation processes, from which it is clear the best contribute to the change management and to the competitiveness growth path of Small – Medium Enterprises in their markets.
Our experience allows us to support Small – Medium Enterprises in the definition and development of strategic plans, in the optimization of their organization and processes, in the training of professional and motivated work teams.

Maurizio Agostini and Roberto Azzani

We represent the Bushidō leading operative unit, effectively integrating our complementary capacities and competences. We both have a profound experience in the industrial market, gained covering managerial positions within the organization of leading automotive companies and premium F1 racing teams:

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Our consulting projects have reference customers operating in a wide field of market sectors:

  • Automotive systems and components
  • Composite material parts and components
  • Molded thermoplastic components
  • Molded rubber technical components
  • Sheet metal molding components and assemblies
  • Biomedical parts and equipments
  • Automated thightening tooling systems
  • Robotized systems
  • Dynamic measurement sensors and systems technology
  • High precision turning and milling technology
  • Composite material parts manufacturing technology
  • Digitation technologies for industrial processes
  • Artificial intelligence solutions for R&D processes

Our approach

Small Medium Enterprises and our approach, given our professional experience:

  • Organisational review – Optimization and efficiency

A good work relationship requires trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and open communication. The definition of roles and objectives, the improvement of communication processes and the evaluation of performances against the assigned objectives contribute to the development of a sense of responsibility, to people motivation and proactive participation.

  • Product development and industrialization – Time to Market

Effective product development and industrialization initiatives are based on a rigorous planning of activitiesand resources, as well as on the capacity to manage risks of deviation from the plan due to previously unforseeable causes. Project and Program Management capacities and competences contribute to the achievement of competitiveness and Time to Market targets.

  • Industrial initiatives – New manufacturing plants

Depending on relevant strategic industrial plans, the development and growth of an enterprise can be also based on new and technologically advanced manufacturing plant projects, with the necessity of implementation of new industrial initiatives management capabilities and skills. Project Management competences as well as a profound experience in the technology state of art evaluation and in the selection of key suppliers are of utmost importance.

  • Innovation – Production processes efficiency

Professional activities conducted within competitive market sectors such as automotive and F1 required a profound involvement with full responsibility of new and strategic industrial initiatives. The continuous evolution and innovation of the relevant technologies, the training of specialized resources, the definition of effective production flows and lay-out can definitely contribute to the achievement and maintenance of excellent operational levels.

  • Strategic partnerships and investiment

Project management responsibilities by companies at international level foresaw the need of research and selection of third parties companies as new commercial or industrial partners, with a resulting necessity of strategic investments planning and management. The effective involvement of strategic partners and the synergy resulting from cooperation initiatives brought added value to successful projects.

  • Supply Chain optimization

General management responsibilities and leading roles covered in the management of Purchasing by market leader companies, led to the optimization of all company processes, including Supply Chain, producing reliable and effective relationships with all involved suppliers.

  • Market development and profitability

Solid large scale key accounts and internationalization projects management skills can allow effective collaboration projects with companies committed to market development goals, through the set up of competitiveness, profitability and business sustainability targets.